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As a lifelong learner, I enjoy the connection of studio art making.  A connection to a creative space to try new techniques, skills and mediums.  With this a connection with other students and receive positive feedback and friendship

We are dedicated to a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment.

8800 W 73rd Place, Arvada , CO 80005

Call-(720) 923-1924

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Meet the owner of Creative Connection Studio: 

Stephanie Kuhne, Owner, Artist, Instructor 

Our Mission- Legacy

A lifetime love of art, Darlene Kuhne founded and created this studio in Arvada, CO. Always creating colorful paintings of whatever inspired her in a variety of mediums. Self described as an abstract expressionist, color field painter, she created acrylic & mixed media paintings... always changing and evolving over the years.

Darlene passed away in 2018 from complications from Alzheimers, her daughter Stephanie Kuhne carries on her legacy of loving art and creating. This studio is a positive space to be creative and connect with the love of art. Join us to enjoy this wonderful legacy and enjoy exploring a variety of mediums to the fullest as she did.