MINI BEAD MOSAIC PENDANT-                            6-8 pm       $45


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In this class you will be introduced to the art of mosaic using seed beads, a pre-made bezel and epoxy clay.  Pam will help you with your design ideas to use the art of mosaic to make your design pop.

Complimentary beverage and light snack provided.

Class Duration- 2 hours

Class min- 4 

Cancellation Policy: Classes and workshops are fully refundable with a minimum 48 hours notice. Cancellations received later than 48 hours in advance will receive a partial refund, minus an administrative fee.  

After 20 years of teaching art, I found a love for mosaics and became a public artist (instead of art just for my classroom).  The goal of my mosaics is to take a traditional craft and elevate it to an art form.   The historical mosaics are made with the same supplies and techniques of the Roman and Byzantine time periods.  The contemporary and narrative mosaics are meant to make you think about meaning and subject matter.  

When I decided to become a public artist, I also joined a co-op gallery where I have an annual solo show.  These shows push me to create a unified body of work that shows off the art of mosaic.

I choose to work with small tile instead of exactly cut stain glass because I love the beauty of irregular shapes that can fit together to make an image.  I find that once I have an idea marked out, placing the pieces of tile is meditative.